Thursday, November 18, 2004

Today was the last day for classes for Term 5. Mon through Wed we have exams. I got all the courses I bid for next term, as did most others. Everyone’s busy forming study groups now.
Check out the dandiya report at http://www.isb.edu/campussbuzz1/dandia.htm . This time I did not write the report myself but got one of the spouses to write it, as the spouse association had organized the event.
Today we had a PPT by Goldman Sachs for i-banking positions in London. It was very different from other PPTs. They hardly spoke about the job role or career prospects. I guess they assume people know all that already. There’s nothing quite like working for GS. They currently occupy the top slot in my list of best companies to work for, relegating McKinsey to second place. “Get Rich or Die Trying” is not my motto, but it doesn’t hurt to get paid twice that for a McK guy for same hours of work put in. Of course I am sure there’s no way I would even make the interview shortlist of either of them!
Assignments have taken their toll. I haven’t been able to spend time with friends I care about. Assignments seem to have a life of their own, and they must be enjoying being showered with so much attention!

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