Friday, December 03, 2004

Applied Portfolio Management class today talked about arbitrage opportunities in the company RJR Nabisco. This company keeps coming up in many Fin courses because of its famous Leveraged Buy Out. If you haven’t seen the movie Barbarians at the Gate, see it to get a sense of the drama behind this company’s LBO. In fact, many professors became seriously rich using arbitrage opportunities that they were able to spot.
McKinsey’s PPT was pretty good, as one would expect from them. Their average work hours are 60-70 a week, which is less than in investment banks. In any case an MBA prepares us to work endlessly, so working 70 hours would be a respite for us. We were also provided high tea after the presentation, and given a McK logoed coffee mug. I have a feeling this is my last brush with this company, although they said they would also look at people not in top 5% of the class.
Tomorrow we have Verizon and ITC Infotech lined up. I am going to miss both because of Six Sigma training and dinner engagement. I have this Six Sigma Green Belt training all day Sat and Sun. Conducted by KPMG, it is a paid program not related to ISB, but conducted at ISB for those interested.

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