Thursday, December 09, 2004

Attended PPTs by Cognizant Technologies and Satyam Computers. They were as boring as any other PPT. Both of them are ready to hire as many as possible, for various roles, and negotiable salaries. I don’t feel like applying to Satyam, but will probably apply to Cognizant.
I am among a handful of students selected to dine with the CEO of vCustomer tonight. I would have preferred to dine with some lady instead, but will go ahead – he might have a daughter too!
Then later tonight there are two PPTs – Sasken and ICICI Prudential. If I have nothing better to do, I might drop in at those too.
Tomorrow is ISB Leadership Summit. I have been involved in it to some extent, and currently working on fine-tuning its website. Weekend is Solstice, which is the annual alumni reunion. There is a soccer match between current students and alums at the adjacent Gachibowli stadium, parties and stuff.
I still carry all my US credit cards, hoping that my credit history will not suffer. But in India it’s best to use Indian cards, so I applied for an ICICI-ISB card. There is a pic of ISB on the card, so it made sense to go for it. This weekend ICICI will come out with another card for ISB Alums. Cool!

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