Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Finally all the PPTs are over. It was like an extra course this term.
Yesterday the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh visited ISB. Security forces were all over the campus. Instead of listening to him speak, I spent the time in the café chatting with friends. The President of India is supposed to be visiting next week, I’ll attend that.
The courses I took for next term are Capital Raising Strategies for Corporations, IT Enabled Services and Supply Chain Management. I am on my way to a Fin-Tech major, but I think I still have scope of changing it to Fin-Mktg by taking more Mktg courses in last term.
Placement policy this time restricts the number of job offers per student to 2. In addition, we can only have 25 active applications at any time. With so many good companies on campus, choosing which ones to apply to and which to finally join will be tough.
My interview with GS went well, and I have been short listed for the third and final round of interview. This will again be a telephone interview with their NY office in early Jan. Nothing like working for GS, so looking forward to it.

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