Saturday, December 18, 2004

GE, Nokia, AT Kearney, Kanbay, Bank of America, Citibank, Castrol, TCS…the PPT list goes on. These days there are 5-6 PPTs each day. Since we will be out of placement process after two job offers, it is important to choose carefully the companies to apply to.
I am on the ISB Admissions Application Review team, so am supposed to be reviewing applications. Hadn’t done any for last few days, so did a bunch of them yesterday. All the applicants seem to be strong, at least the ones I have been reviewing. I think there is some kind of self-selection going on, wherein only the most accomplished people end up applying.
Went out to Pizza Hut tonight for dinner with friends. Wanted to go to Ocean’s 12 as well, but couldn’t. Instead, got a dvd of Snatch from the library and watched it at home.

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