Monday, December 20, 2004

Have been short listed for second round of interview with Goldman Sachs! It’s going to be a telephone interview tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it!
Attended only one PPT today, that of Office Tiger. The CEO himself came to make the presentation. He’s an MBA from Harvard Business School, and was working with GS before starting this venture. The job would be one with lots of responsibility, and we will have to lead a team of about 200 graduates/CAs/MBAs/equity analysts right away. Within five years we would be among the top 5 people in the company. Looks promising.
Boston Consulting Group’s deadline is tomorrow I think, so need to work on the cover letter for them. Most of the other deadlines are on the 28th of December.
Bidding of next term’s courses happened today, and I got the ones I wanted. Now I have to start forming study groups.
Those of us who worked as volunteers for Poseidon, Solstice and ILS have been invited for a dinner with the deputy dean on the 23rd. The deputy dean also jokingly offered me a job – to join ISB, but he said he cannot pay me like GS!

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