Monday, December 27, 2004

In the movie American Pie, there is this Eastern European girl student who undresses in front of a web camera, and is seen by the entire campus. That must have been high on her list of most embarrassing moments of life. In the movie she leaves the country permanently after the incident. Well, I too had an embarrassing moment yesterday, albeit of a different nature. We were supposed to download a personal data form, fill it in and attach resume, and then upload it to the site of KPMG in order to apply for their job posting. However, there was a bug in their site, which allowed the whole world to download the last uploaded form and resume. Unaware of this, I had uploaded my documents early in the night. After an hour I started getting calls from my batchmates about the blunder I had done. I immediately overwrote my document with a dummy one, but it was too late – probably half the campus had downloaded it by then. My personal data, including information about my parents, was now public! I now empathize with that American Pie girl, and wish I could leave the country and may be join her in Eastern Europe.

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