Wednesday, December 01, 2004

PPTs galore! Attended Yahoo’s ppt today. CEO of Yahoo India himself gave the presentation. Microsoft is tomorrow. McKinsey is day after and so on. Almost every day there is at least one PPT.
So while the courses this time are light, it is still difficult to find time. I had beaten a batchmate in badminton, and he had challenged me to a game of tennis. This was one month ago, we are yet to find the time to play each other.
One of the courses this time, Tech Ent, has pretty interesting case studies. Last class was about the rise of eBay, while the next one will be on amazon.
Negotiation is also a useful course. A good way to negotiate is to use trade-offs and focus on the relative importance of issues. For example, when Israel and Egypt met at Camp David, both wanted ownership of Sinai, and thus there was a deadlock in the talks. However, the negotiation was resolved when both parties gained a better understanding of their underlying interests – land ownership for Egypt and military security for Israel. The solution that emerged traded off these two issues – Israel returned Sinai to Egypt in exchange for assurances of a demilitarized zone.
There is also the concept of BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement). If you know what the fallback option is, you can bargain keeping that in mind. Then there is the theory of anchor price. If you start bargaining from a very high price, you are likely to get a better deal. All this stuff will help not only in salary and corporate negotiations but also in regular life going ahead.

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