Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Well, Rock Show was a good show. I did get good company, and the music was decent too. Monday our classes started again, and it was back to the mundane existence. I attended many classes on Monday and Tuesday to sample the offerings. I finally dropped one course that I had taken, Telecom Management, and opted for Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions instead. So I would have two Fin courses, Portfolio Management being the other one, one Negotiation, and one Tech Entrepreneurship. I should be able to easily major in Finance, but the second major is yet to be decided – either Marketing or Tech. When I had come to ISB, I was clear that the one thing I didn’t want to major in would be Finance, but see what a few months of education can do to one’s mind!
Loads of job postings are coming in. It has become difficult to keep track of resume submission deadlines. But what is a bigger pain is attending the boring PPTs. Most of the tech companies seem to be open to discussing roles and salaries on a case-by-case basis. So they won’t just offer the salary offered to the other b-schools in the country, because that’s meant for no work experience MBAs. At ISB, they would up the ante, thankfully.

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