Saturday, January 15, 2005

CAPTAIN'S LOG:STARDATE 2005.01.15: Placements are going at a good pace. In just a week, probably half the campus has jobs. The IT companies are the major recruiters, some hiring 15-20 students. The names I can recollect are Microsoft, IBM, Fidelity, Yahoo, Amazon, Mindtree, Trilogy, CTS, Wipro, Deloitte etc. There are many more lined up for the following weeks. Salaries have been good enough. Many have doubled their pre-ISB salary. Some people have declined high salary offers (high means >15 lakh). Few have got job titles like Geography Head. Many have two job offers and are in a dilemma. Those who are yet to land a job of their choice are anxious as to what they’ll get.
Placement season gives a good excuse to go to class without reading the case study for the day. The next few weeks of classes are going to be interesting in view of this.
Satyam got a few names, including mine, from the recruiter’s handbook, and said they would like to meet us tomorrow when they come for recruitment. The positions will be based in Asia Pacific. This is probably going to be my last interview before I accept CTS, so I will surely meet them tomorrow and see what’s on offer. I got short listed for an interview with Verizon as well, but they won’t come to campus before my CTS acceptance deadline, so won’t be able to interview with them.

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