Friday, January 21, 2005

In all the interviews, my favorite question to ask the interviewer was ‘What’s a typical day like in your company for a ?’ . This used to take up quite a while to answer, which was a welcome break from me doing all the talking. If someone asks me the same question now about a typical day for me right after placements, my answer would be – wake up at noon, have lunch at 1, go back to sleep at 2, wake up at 4 and go to the café for coffee and samosa, bring a DVD from the library on the way back, at 5 go to play badminton, at 7 go to play tennis, come back at 8:30, get a hot shower and go for dinner, come back and watch the DVD till midnight and then go to the pool to dunk anyone who has birthday today, play squash from midnight till 2 am, come back and watch another movie and finally hit the bed at 4 am. Busy lifestyle indeed!

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