Monday, January 17, 2005

Interviewed with Satyam. I didn’t expect them to agree to a BD role, so I asked for the position of Relationship Manager in Australia. Did not get it. Should have asked for BD as they did offer that position to a few. Anyway, it was unlikely that I would have joined Satyam over Cognizant, so it does not matter.

My Cognizant acceptance deadline is 6 pm on Wednesday, and Infosys is coming at 7 pm. That means I can’t interview with Infy. Verizon interview has been scheduled for tomorrow, so that will probably be my last interview. I don’t know nothing about Telecom, so it is going to be an interesting interview.

I am also going to Cognizant’s Hyderabad office tomorrow to discuss and negotiate the terms. It is unlikely that they will change the compensation, but at least I can give my location and vertical preference. I will probably give Calcutta and Chennai as the top choices, and Financial Services as the vertical of choice.

Now that we know where we’ll end up after ISB, it’s time to think of mundane things like buying a car to get to work. As I am not comfortable with stick shifts, am looking at automatics. The current choices are Honda City and Hyundai Santro.

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