Saturday, January 08, 2005

McKinsey took six from our campus today! It’s raining jobs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to convert my short lists into jobs. Microsoft interview was the type where one cannot judge one’s performance. If selected, I will have to go through three more rounds next week.
Oracle was something I wasn’t too keen on. They seemed willing to give a seven figure salary, but the work was not exactly to my liking. So I quoted an expected salary high enough to put them off.
IBM’s first round was a group discussion, something that I am dead against. So I was not enthusiastic enough to rise up to the occasion. Consequently I was not short listed to the interview round.
The only good news today has been that I have been short listed for Cognizant Technology Solution’s interview for tomorrow. This is a hot favorite among MBAs, so looking forward to it. Fortunately it’s a direct interview, no group discussion!

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