Monday, January 10, 2005

Since I have not heard from Goldman Sachs so far, I have given up on that one. Waiting for Microsoft’s decision, and looking forward to interviewing with some more IT companies this weekend. My aim has been to get into business development (BD) roles in IT services companies. Cognizant (CTS) is not known to be a top player in IT services, nor is it the number one choice for most engineers. However, when it comes to BD careers for MBAs, many believe CTS is the way to go. I had been discussing the various IT services companies with my batchmates at ISB, and CTS’ name always came up first. So in a way, CTS became my dream company among IT companies. And I have been offered BD role – just what I wanted. That said, I have time till Monday to accept the offer. I would see what other offers I get, if any, and then decide where I want to go.

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