Friday, January 28, 2005

Today some of us went out into the city with no particular agenda. Stopped by a mall called Hyderabad Central. Met many other ISBians there, who were also having their day out. Didn’t know what to do next so headed to a Chinese restaurant called Mainland China for dinner. Again met ISBians there! Then went to a coffee shop, Barista and killed some time there. Did not feel like coming back to campus, but there was nothing else to do with most establishments already closed for the day. So had to come back at around midnight. Now have to figure out how to spend the weekend. Have had an overdose of sports, so need to find some other activity. I have picked up a recommended book of a previous term and started reading through it now as I had not got the time then!

Yesterday I attended a talk by the US ambassador to India. It was interesting. Details are available at http://www.isb.edu/campussbuzz1/newz_usembassy.htm

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