Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Until recently NFL to me meant NY Giants, Dallas Cowboys, SF 49ers and the Super Bowl. But then I saw a news item that NFL matches would be played in India. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The surprise was short lived. NFL in Indian parlance was not American football, but rather soccer matches between the Mohun Bagans and East Bengals! Reminds me of a school displaying their name prominently as ‘US School’. Closer inspection revealed that the initials US did not mean the United States. The school’s full name was Uma Shankar School!

Placements are almost complete, with only a few remaining to be placed. We are going to resume student village parties once everyone is through.

My daily schedule hasn’t seen much change. Evenings are entirely devoted to sports. I have added ping-pong to my portfolio of tennis, badminton and squash. From tomorrow I will also start swimming!

My choice of car to buy has come down to one among the three - Hyundai Santro, Chevy Optra and Toyota Corolla. If I were in the US, Chevy and Hyundai would not even have entered my mind unless it was a Corvette we were talking about. And I would have preferred a Honda over Toyota. But Indian situation is different. Optra looks neat, and Toyota will be reliable. Will continue to do research before deciding which one to go for.

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