Friday, February 25, 2005

Admissions decisions for second round are about to go out. A new batch is ready to take over after us. Every batch seems to be better than the previous one!
I did not take any Fin course this term. Instead of Fin, I chose Managing Multinational Firms, just because of less work load. There’s no exam for it either, so the choice was easy! The last term is going to be an easy one for me because of my choice of courses. In fact, I am already spending more time in the recreation center than ever. 2.5 hours of badminton every evening followed by half hour of swimming. Then dinner and movie. The only problem is that one of the courses requires us to read a case and submit an online assignment before midnight the day before each class. So every alternate day I have to spend a couple of hours on that.
This year’s first ISB mirror pool party is tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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