Sunday, February 06, 2005

I am ashamed of myself. I tried my hand at driving a friend’s stick shift car, but failed miserably. I just keep forgetting that the clutch is there for a purpose. This is what exclusively driving an automatic for a few years has done to my mind.

Today morning I got up at 7 am to play tennis with a friend. Evenings are reserved for badminton/squash/swimming, so had to find time in the morning for other sports.

I have now seen almost 90% of the movie DVDs in our library. The rest are stuff I can’t tolerate. Since next week is exam week, this is good time to stop watching movies.

Next term’s bidding is done with, and I did not bag any finance course. All three courses are tech courses. I can bid for a morning class for Fin as that is empty, but will decide about that after sampling the class. Anyway my Fin major is already complete, so no worries.

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