Sunday, February 27, 2005

Read three cases and completed one assignment today. The most interesting case was on Redhat Linux. Reading such cases makes me feel good about returning to the IT sector and not going to the field of Finance.
Yesterday’s party had free booze flowing, so some ended up overdosing. I saw at least one girl puking on the dance floor. I guess it is all in the ‘spirit’ of celebrating the last few weeks here - in fact I also had the most I have ever had. We are going to have many more parties in the next few weeks.
I am slowly losing interest in badminton. There was a time when I used to almost always win my doubles matches, but haven’t played with my skilful partner for a long time, thus losing quite a few matches these days. The hot weather just adds to the woes.
Most people are doing travel bookings for leaving ISB. I would be going to Chennai on the 4th of April, and will stay there for a couple of weeks before heading to hometown Calcutta. It is so exciting to think of being back there, as I haven’t been there ever since coming to ISB.
My birthday is just a couple of days away, on the 2nd of March, which means I will get dunked on the midnight of the 1st. I can only hope that nobody would remember it’s my birthday and I would escape the torture. Wishful thinking!

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