Sunday, February 20, 2005

Went out yesterday evening for shopping to update my wardrobe! Had this awesome papdi chaat at Central. Will try to return there soon for some more mouth watering dishes.
While playing tennis today, a young chap joined us. He looked like a student, but wasn’t. Turns out he is the latest faculty to join ISB. He was working with World Bank in DC before coming here. He is also a blog reader, so I have to be careful of what I write here!
Afterwards, during dinner, a not-so-young person asked us if he could join us at our table. Turns out he is a faculty too. Had an interesting one-hour conversation with him about various things, from Indian community in Dallas (where he teaches), to Houston Rockets to loan forgiveness program of Stanford to the booming Indian economy and finally whether he is going to cold call in class!
The last term break at ISB is over, and the last term starts now!

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