Saturday, February 05, 2005

Went to a discotheque, B&C, yesterday night. It was full of ISBians! I should have danced with a lady there who was dancing alone for a while but I don’t know what came upon me that I stayed away. I thought I would first get a little drunk before hitting the dance floor. By the time I was ready to get into groove, it was midnight and the place shut down. Most people headed to another club called Dublin, but I couldn’t go because my group wanted to get back to campus. And thus ended a disappointing night. I have almost decided not to go to Goa either, so life will not be much different in the coming weeks!

Went to see Chevy Optra today. Was disappointed. Only the exterior looks good, the interior is a let down. There wasn’t even any airbag in the model they had on display. I wanted the automatic version for a test drive, but that model was not available. Anyway, at 12.5 lakh, I can very well go for a Toyota or Honda. And since I am likely to go overseas soon, there is not much point in paying that kind of money for something I am not gonna use much. So I will continue to look around for an appropriate car.

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