Tuesday, March 22, 2005

10 days to graduation…and counting.

The dinner cruise organized by Admissions was great. But something very stupid happened on our way there. A bus was supposed to pick us up from ISB to take us there, and unknown to us, there was another bus at ISB to pick up the executive education people for some other destination. We thought it’s our bus, and had traveled quite some distance when the fuming director of exec education called up the driver. We had to return to campus because it was their bus. Our bus apparently had been canceled but nobody had informed us! We later took cabs.

Yesterday while shopping at the local convenience store, I was speechless for a moment when I saw Kleenex toilet tissue on display. I had to read the label to make sure it was not a fake. It’s amazing that we now have brands like Kleenex, Sun-maid Raisins, V8 vegetable juice and Gatorade, among others, available in India. Except for size, there is not much difference between Indian supermarkets and their US counterparts these days.

I will not be coming for orientation for next batch students, the reason being I am getting only one month break, which I want to spend with my family. However I might drop in for a day or two.

Tomorrow I will be videotaped by the placement office while I explain how I prepared for placement. These interview experiences will be used to help next batch students.

One of our profs, Jagmohan Raju, is currently teaching Marketing at Wharton, and is one of the most popular profs there. He uses a method of photo cold calling in Wharton (as well as at ISB), wherein a student’s photo will be shown on the board and that student will have to answer a question. Today another prof here took it one level further by cold calling a student who had not come to class. This student was telephoned from class and asked a question, while the rest of us listened in on speaker phone! It was just for fun though, and we enjoyed it so much!

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