Monday, March 07, 2005

As predicted, we lost the semi final match by a big margin, that too when the state level player was limping due to an injury. They deserve to be in the finals.
Today in one class we had a case discussion on ITC’s e-choupal case, and the CIO of ITC himself showed up in class to give his insights. The next case is on Infosys, and then on Wipro.
Incidentally, last week Wipro offered me the role of Business Analyst within their Microsoft account, to be based out of Seattle. It was a long term onsite role that needed to be filled immediately after I graduated from here. I declined the offer for a couple of reasons, one being I wish to work in the NYC region, not West Coast. The other reason of course is my desire to work on biz development, while this role had only 30% account mining component.
In the latest crash tests in Detroit, most small cars fared poorly. Only two small cars, Toyota Corolla and Chevy Cobalt performed well enough to earn the second highest rating of “acceptable”. The worst small car was Dodge Neon. Corolla is already in India, while Cobalt will soon be here. I am sure their marketing team would be working overtime on emphasizing the safety factor in their future ads.
I don’t have any class tomorrow, so I can peacefully watch cricket all day.

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