Saturday, March 19, 2005

D-Day report, which is partly written by me, is now available at http://www.isb.edu/campussbuzz1/newz_dday.htm . Still to get the Goa report out, and there’s a new one on Net Impact’s activities that needs to be written about. Also have to bring out the last edition of Business Tech Club’s newsletter. Since there is no more studying to do except to attend a few classes, I guess I can take care of these write-ups.
The Admissions Team is taking some of us who helped with application evaluation to a cruise dinner on Monday night. It pays to volunteer for such activities!
As far as city of work is concerned, Chennai should be my first preference as that is where CTS is headquartered, meaning I get more exposure to top management. Also, my fellow batchmates who will be joining CTS will also opt for Chennai, so I will have company. Kolkata will not have anyone from my batch. But I have still given Kolkata as my first choice to CTS HR. Let’s see where I finally work. In any case, the HR said that I will be placed in the US within 3 months of joining. Although I don’t trust anything that HR says, the alums in CTS also confirmed this, so I shouldn’t bother too much about the city I am allotted.
Tonight there is a jam session at the student village. I heard them practicing on the drums, and was amazed at the talent we have here. And tomorrow morning we celebrate Holi!
Still deciding whether to go out to the city tonight or to stay put here and spend the time at the recreation center. Probably the latter.

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