Sunday, March 06, 2005

Four days just went by. The amount of unread emails is still unmanageable. The only thing I have done is to play, play and play some more. We won the first round of Men’s doubles in badminton, but lost in second round to a batchmate who has played at national level. I am happy we won at least one game against him in the best-of-three match.
Today was mixed doubles, where we narrowly beat one team to enter the semifinals. The semifinal is against someone who has played at state level, and the final would be against another national level player. I am sure I will lose the semifinals, the only thing I am concerned about is by how big a margin!
Saturday night I had big plans. We were to first have dinner in a place called Copper Chimney, then head to a pub, Ten Downing Street, for coffee, and finally to the discotheque T2 in Taj Krishna for drinks and music. But eventually only the first pit stop could be accomplished. Will try next Saturday again.
My two weeks in Chennai after graduation might be cut short by a week as I might go to Singapore with my family for a short visit. Have to start looking at travel websites for things to see there.

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