Friday, March 11, 2005

There is a circular road around the academic center here at ISB. This road is one-way, but you would almost everyday see vehicles going the wrong way at breakneck speeds. An accident is waiting to happen. The road sign was displayed at such a place that many vehicles missed it. So I spoke to the deputy dean about it. He asked the operations people to get it fixed as per my suggestions immediately. I used this opportunity to push for US style road signs and painting of shoulders etc. I don’t think all my wishes can be implemented, but at least the one-way problem should get fixed, thanks to the responsive administration.
Of course as soon as we step out of ISB campus, traffic rules go for a toss. One way or not, traffic will be coming at you from every possible direction. Thankfully there are still no accidents because of the low speeds of the vehicles.
These days I am inundated with case studies. Had to read three cases today, all of which require write-ups to be submitted. Enjoyed two of them, Booz Allen & Hamilton and Cathay Pacific. But the third one was on a ceramic company, a good contender for the title of the most boring case ever. Still got time to play a few badminton games and to watch the movie, Girl Next Door.
Tomorrow night we have a beer and kebab party at ISB. So my plans to go out to the city nightclubs on a Saturday night will have to wait one more week.
Have an 8:30 am class in the morning, that too on a Saturday!

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