Thursday, April 28, 2005

Got my first choice of vertical and location – Banking in Kolkata! Few people have been so lucky to get exactly what they wanted. JP Morgan Chase is the largest account in Banking, so I am probably going to work on getting more business from them. My intention was to be based out of NY-NJ area, and it seems to be heading that way. They are also open to processing green card, so I can be there as long as I want and come back whenever I want.

I have to fly to Kolkata on the 3rd of May. I had deliberated a lot on whether to take Chennai and be close to the power center and to some of my close friends who are going to work in Chennai, or to go to Kolkata and have fish curry whenever I want. Finally fish and rosogolla won over career and friends! I am going to miss Chennai as I had started liking this city.

Am planning to go for Toyota Corolla automatic transmission version in Kolkata. But first have to see how long I can be there before being packed off to the US. I would ideally like to stay in Kolkata for next few months, let’s see how things work out.

Cognizant’s results for Q1 came out recently and it clocked a good growth rate. Cognizant seems to have one of the best front-end teams in the IT services space. The latest person to join the senior management team has the following background – MIT, Morgan Stanley, INSEAD, BoozAllenHamilton, Mckinsey, Cognizant! What a list of brand names to have on one’s resume!

I have almost lost touch with ISB. Spoke with someone from my batch who is in the orientation team, and found out that the next batch is undergoing the same things as we did – team building games like Ongo Pongo, going to Bottles and Chimney, talent night etc. The culture lives on…

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