Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Reporting from Chennai. My joining is less than a week away. Cannot go to ISB for next batch’s orientation. Will try to go during Solstice, the alumni reunion, in December.

Chennai is not as bad as people make it out to be. True, there is the language issue, but otherwise the city is very livable. Living here is like living in continental Europe – most people cannot understand a word of English or Hindi. Sign language is the way to go. The roads are in very good shape, so one can drive at high speeds, traffic permitting, without any fear of potholes. One unique thing about Chennai is the abundance of two-wheeled vehicles. So much so, that in some places the first lane is reserved for them.

There is not a single FM station in English or Hindi. Thankfully TV has all kinds of channels. There is a market in T Nagar called Pondy bazaar. Very lively market, but a renaming is called for! The malls are modern and huge, and the beach is refreshing. I have been trying out different eating joints, from Subway to Sheraton, and have been pleased so far. The fast depleting bank balance is a cause for worry though!

Have been spending time reading our yearbook. It brings back memories of our ISB days. Life can never be the same again. The placement report is out, and we seem to have done well.

Will go to Pondicherry tomorrow, and then maybe Tirupati.

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