Sunday, May 22, 2005

Have been quite busy with a new initiative at work, but can't write about it yet (it’s some kind of a model). Other than that I got a taste of responding to RFPs at Cognizant. So that’s how I have been passing time. Also have been making friends at work. With so many new friends, I actually look forward to going to work each morning.
I thought I had heard all the jargons and buzzwords during the MBA program, but the IT industry is not one to take it lying down. During a conference call, I sat speechless when I heard the jargon being used. The favorite seemed to be bandwidth – used to refer to free time available with an employee. Anyway, I have also started throwing MBA jargon around, like ‘network effects’ and ‘value appropriation’!
The biggest advantage at ISB was that we did not have to commute to work. Everything was within walking distance. Here, after traveling through the city, one does not feel like doing anything at home. So the weekdays are very uneventful. Weekends I usually sleep like a log of wood on one day, and go shopping the other. Today chanced upon the Bombay Rockers performing live at a music store. Their ‘rock tha party’ – teri to yaad….is really catchy.

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