Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Everything is big in Texas. Texas is bigger than France, Belgium and Holland put together. So I haven’t even considered visiting other cities in this state, as that would entail driving endlessly for hours, may be days!
On the work front things are cruising along fine. I didn’t have to do much as the groundwork had already been done by other Cognizant people. I spend my days in all-day meetings. It’s getting boring now, so am trying to get to India as soon as I can. Might be able to push off in the first week of July.
Have been considering buying a Mini IPod, but not convinced of the value proposition. At a price point of $200, it does not provide enough bang for the buck. It might be better to take a flash drive with mp3 capability. I wonder if there are cell phones available with megapixel camera and mp3 player built in, for under $200, as that would eliminate the need to carry multiple devices.

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