Thursday, July 14, 2005

Am back in India. Flew business class in British Airways – the fully flat bed and privacy are awesome!
Have adjusted fully to Indian driving conditions by now. This also means that I turn a blind eye if a taxi hits my car and runs away. Which is what happened a couple of days ago. Although I got the number of the fleeing taxi, the cops said there is no point in lodging a complaint!
At work I have to lead a team of 10 initially to oversee the project that I helped bring offshore. After a couple of months I would be given a choice of leading a larger team or going back to account mining.
The new batch at ISB seems to have got lucky as they got even better choice of professors than we had. I interacted with a few of the current students, and they seem to be enjoying their life, although they were very busy with Markstrat - the marketing strategy game.
Next week I would be making a presentation to all the MBAs in my vertical on some domain related concepts. Got to start working on the ppt.

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