Thursday, August 11, 2005

A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what ships are built for. This argument was given to me by a fellow driver when he saw my car’s condition. An unlicensed driver had failed to apply brakes in time, and had smashed into my car’s rear when I was standing at a traffic signal. The repair estimate is Rs 40k. The car would be in the repair shop for two weeks, and the insurance does not cover a replacement car for the duration.

In other news, I am required to go back to Dallas towards the end of this month for a few weeks. I have expressed my unwillingness to undertake this travel due to family reasons, let’s see if I can have my way.

Was in discussions with a Director about business growth in our sub-vertical, and we came up with some strategies that I might pursue with a team of business analysts.

Five of us went out for lunch today, and it so happened that all five were from different institutes – ISB, IIM-A, B, C and XLRI. One common thread is that everyone had to undergo the same torture at b-school – arbit CP (class participation) involving global comments. Apparently every classroom in every b-school has these CP gods and goddesses! I was glancing through a blog of a current ISB student, and discovered that the current batch has maintained the tradition. Keep it up!

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