Sunday, October 30, 2005

When I am not able to blog for a long time, I tell myself that it is due to my busy schedule at work and otherwise. But then if I look back at my life one year ago in b-school, I realize that I have all the time in the world now. I can watch TV, sleep before midnight and do a myriad other things for which I never had time in ISB. And I don’t have three case studies to read and two group assignments to do in a single day. Still I call myself busy.
This weekend I was scheduled to visit XLRI to recruit summer trainees, but could not go due to other commitments. Will probably go during final placements now.
Just a few months ago I was considering buying a mini ipod, but thankfully decided against it. Now they have come out with the nano, which is such a beauty. But it will be difficult to stay ahead of this curve. Less than six months after I bought my car, a newer model (Honda City ZX) has been introduced at the same price point but with better features. Where does the buck stop?
Sustainable competitive advantage, internalizing network externalities, value appropriation, 4 Ps, BCG matrix, bottleneck resource, CAPM, regression etc are phrases one would hear on setting foot in ISB campus or for that matter in any b-school campus. I am getting ready to hear these again in about a month’s time when I set foot on ISB soil again for the alumni meet.

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