Monday, January 23, 2006

Had a good time in ISB. It was a mixed feeling – happy and nostalgic. There were a good number of my batchmates who had turned up. Played badminton at the familiar court in recreation center. Unfortunately my opponent, a colleague of mine, injured herself and had to be rushed to hospital at midnight. So the trip turned out to be eventful!
Somehow each passing batch at ISB seems to outdo its predecessors in being serious about studying. Maybe that week was particularly bad in terms of work load.

My next visit to ISB will probably happen during the campus placements next month.

Few weeks ago I visited IMT Ghaziabad for campus recruitment. I hadn't been to Delhi in last ten years, and boy, it seemed such a different city now. Infrastructure has improved by leaps and bounds. Impressive.

This weekend I interviewed few prospective students seeking admission to ISB. As is usual, the applicant pool in Kolkata mainly comprised of entrepreneurs and family business background people.

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