Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another batch has passed through ISB. Class of 2007 has already started their journey. My b-school days seem like a distant past now!

The hoopla surrounding astronomical salaries during campus placements has subsided by now. It is unfortunate that the focus is towards rupee-converted CTCs of outliers rather than the more realistic median salaries. I overheard a restaurant conversation one day where a group of youngsters were discussing about “that one-crore salary b-school”. I wish they had at least touched upon the quality of faculty or the peer group.

At work front, I have been pretty tied up with various activities, mostly pre-sales. One of the upsides of getting involved in pre-sales is that you get to know many senior level managers and directors in the company. There is always something to learn from these people.

Cognizant gave away video iPods to its employees, so I am a proud owner of one now. However, I haven’t used it much. When I have to listen to music at home, I use my laptop and Altec Lansing speakers. When I am traveling, there is the car stereo where I listen to FM. And in office there is hardly any time to listen to music. This is turning out to be just another addition to the list of gadgets that lie unused at home. The others include things like VCR and camcorder. Digital camera is soon going to be on that list, as mobile phone cameras are now available with megapixel resolutions. I think Apple should think about convergence and come out with an iPod that has in-built mobile phone and camera, among other features.

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