Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am a dad now. My son, Ryan Banerjee, was born on Sep 9th in Delaware. It is an amazing feeling and I am so excited. Can’t wait for him to grow up and play with me.

Last few months have been eventful. In July, we moved into our new home. Here’s what it looks like.

In August came the green card, so no more standing in the line for a visa. It took a year under EB1 multinational executive category.

And in September came Ryan Banerjee. Exciting times!

The continuing credit crisis is making interesting reading, with big investment banks going belly up. I am sure business schools are busy writing case studies and future MBA students will analyze such events in great detail. The best and brightest MBAs made some wrong calls, took on too much risk and ended up losing fortunes. Could it have been done differently, will it happen again - time will tell. But expect fundamental changes in how the financial services industry operates.

There was a question on MBA salaries. If someone is getting, say, $80k in a software developer role now, how much will it get boosted after an MBA? The classic MBA answer is, it depends. You could choose to join a non-profit, and make $50k after your MBA. Or you could choose to join an IB or MC firm and expect at least twice your pre-MBA salary. Your salary mainly depends on the skills you bring to the table. If you have a niche, in-demand skill, you can make millions without an MBA. Companies pay you based on the perceived value you bring to the company, not just because you have done an MBA from an Ivy League institution.

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